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One of A Kind Ring (Lemon Chrysoprase)

$349.00 AUD

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A stunning stone that needs to be appreciated for its colour. This Lemon Chrysoprase is a one of a kind oval cabochon set in a thick hammered band which is a signature to the brand. The colour is almost fluro but in a tasteful way. 

This particular stone was hand selected by Jimena on her recent sourcing trip. The colour was a stand out and the shape was perfect for this style of ring .  

This ring is adjustable so one size fits ALL. You may choose to wear it on whichever finger you’d like. 

The ring will come packaged in a luxury leather ring box and the band contains a signature Jimena Alejandra logo badge. 


Lemon chrysoprase is a powerful stone to bring fortune and prosperity, as well as business success. It is soothing and can bring happiness by diminishing negative thoughts and irritability. This stone also encourages loyalty in both business and love relationships.


The ring has been created using sterling silver as the base and then gold vermeil plating. 

Gold vermeil is not the same as gold plating. Jewellery made with gold vermeil has sterling silver as the base and a very thick layer of gold plating that is 2.5 microns thick. It is superior to gold plating in terms of longevity, quality and value. 

After solid gold, vermeil is the highest quality of gold tone jewellery that you can buy. 

If you’re looking for a sustainable option for jewellery but cannot afford sold gold, gold vermeil is the next best choice. 


To keep this piece pristine, you need to take good care of it. To extend the lifespan of this piece it is recommended you keep your piece as dry as possible.  There are no metals that are truly considered 100% waterproof (not even solid gold). As a result, please remove your piece before you go to the beach, pool or gym. 

This ring is hypoallergenic. It is nickel free and suitable for all skin types.


If you’d like a similar stone sourced, please email so we can help you source other variations of this stone. 

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